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Anaheim, CA 92808


Aquatic offers more than 170 hydrotherapy models, from air baths to whirlpools to hot soaks and combinations of all three. And we offer them in more colors, styles and with more customizable features than anyone else.
Affordable and stylish aren’t a contradiction in terms. Aquatic has more than 150 models that prove just that. You’ll find this collection boasts a variety of baths, showers and combination units in finishes, colors and with details that inspire.
This is where functional meets fabulous. Our Universal Design products include the new Ava transfer tub, more than 35 walk-in showers and five shower/bath combination models. Each is designed for quality, beauty and with ease of use in mind.

With the merger of Lasco Bathware and Aquatic comes the nation’s largest manufacturer of bathing fixtures. These two respected companies combine 65 years of industry experience and a reputation for quality, reliability and innovative design. That legacy continues as both companies operate as one under the Aquatic name.

Aquatic’s product line now features everything from luxury whirlpools to basic gelcoat tubs. The selection is unmatched, with styles, colors and sizes for every job and every customer. Aquatic will continue to set the industry bar, creating best in class products at every price point and offering unparalleled customer service.

For both Lasco and Aquatic, being at the forefront of the industry has been — and continues to be — a top priority. Whether it’s the only compression-molded SMC shower on the market or beautifully designed baths with quiet run-dry pumps, Aquatic thrives on innovative thinking. And will for years to come.