Neo Metro

Neo Metro
15125 Proctor Avenue
City of Industry, CA 90046

Neo Metro Sinks


The birth of Neo-Metro

Neo-Metro was born in 1998 after a Wall Street Journal article covering a residence in San Diego, CA, that installed prison toilets in their bathroom, was published. From that point forward, demand for stainless steel residential fixtures has grown continuously.


50 Years of Innovation and Manufacturing Experience

ACORN ENGINEERING COMPANY was founded in 1954 with the goal of designing  and producing the finest quality plumbing products at a competitive  price. Acorn Engineering manufactures plumbing fixtures and other products  for many markets including commercial, industrial and institutional.

NEO-METRO™ of stainless steel fixtures is designed  exclusively for the luxury bath. NEO-METRO™ is built with the same innovative engineering  quality that has made Acorn Engineering the top producer of stainless  steel fixtures for 50 years.

Acorn Corporate Office: City of Industry, California USA
Acorn Engineering has manufacturing facilities in the U.S.A.  (corporate), Mexico, Canada and the United Kingdom.