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about Safe N Sound

Safe ‘N’ Sound Appliances was created from the inception of the Safe ‘N’ Sound Washing Machine Kit™. After spending years working closely with engineers, plumbers, and builders we realized that a strong demand existed to create a full appliance approach to protecting and preventing washing machine leaks.

While other devices did an adequate job of shutting the water supply off if a leak occurred, no system assisted in preventing a leak in the first place. That was, until the Safe ‘N’ Sound Washing Machine Kit™ was developed.

We then applied the same concept when designing our Safe ‘N’ Sound Dishwasher Kit™. We will continually look for ways to assure homeowners that their appliances are well protected and that they can feel comfortable living a care-free Safe ‘N’ Sound life.


  • 51% of water damage claims are not covered or are minimally covered by homeowners’ insurance policies. – (Chubb Insurance)
  • The #1 source in a household that can attain water damage, and thus a mold problem is the Washing Machine Hose. Washing machine hose failures are one of the top five sources of preventable water losses. – (Institute for Business & Home Safety)
  • “Water is the most common cause of home damage today–even more likely than fire.” – (Safeco Insurance)
  • Studies show that water damage can lead to Toxic Mold Infestation in as little as 48 hours. Mold damage was estimated at $12 billion in 2005 according to PRLog.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified molds as health risks that can cause various respiratory, skin and internal infections.
  • The typical cost to repair water damage in a household now stands at approximately $5,000.